Goatee The Goatee Goatee Beard How to shape a Goatee

The Goatee sets the foundation for many facial-hair styles. Commonly paired with a mustache, it takes its name from the long hairs that hang from the chin of a goat. The Goatee, however, can be the perfect animal to deal with different face and chin shapes. It can add length to any face and enhance a soft jawline. When worn in a wider form, occupying more territory beneath the chin, it can help minimize a more pointed chin.

Make it yours. 

  • 1

    Shave your cheeks and throat clean.

  • 2

    Using your Wahl trimmer, remove your chin whiskers, leaving hair only on the region below the boundary of the mouth. This hair may be trimmed short or groomed to a longer point.

  • 3

    Shave below your lower lip, removing the Soul Patch whiskers.

  • 4

    Clear the area between the corners of your mouth and the chin, forming a sharp boundary where your chin whiskers begin.

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