Boxed Knocker Goatee

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Boxed Knocker Boxed Knocker Goatee Goatee Boxed Knocker Boxed Knocker Facial Hair

A different take on the Door Knocker, this look opens things up a little more. The Boxed Knocker goatee is more squared and extends wider at the chin. If you're up for a unique look, sometimes it's good to think inside the box.

Make it yours. 

  • 1

    Using your Wahl trimmer or shaver, shave or closely trim your cheeks, leaving the mustache, chin and area surrounding the mouth untouched.

  • 2

    Using your shaver, create a vertical line of hair about half-inch wide from the corner of the mouth to your chin. Do the same on both sides, paying close attention to keeping them even.

  • 3

    Using your Wahl trimmer, trim the upper edge of your mustache to create a sharp border, leaving just a half-inch of hair. The hair should create a squared shape from above your lip to your chin.

  • 4

    Being careful to keep the Soul Patch just beneath the lower lip, clear the area between the corners of your mouth and the chin, forming a sharp boundary where your chin whiskers begin.

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