Soul Stache

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Soul Stache Mustache Soulstache Soul Stache Mustache and Soul Patch

Can a face have soul? Well, that depends on a variety of things. Mostly the type of facial hair you have. And that brings us to the Soul Stache—the most soulful look around. A cross between a mustache and Soul Patch, this style brings out something deeply good about you.

Make it yours. 

  • 1

    Closely shave everything but the mustache and Soul Patch area.

  • 2

    Let the mustache area grow for at least one week. The look requires medium length whiskers.

  • 3

    Allow the mustache to grow to the corners of the mouth. With your Wahl trimmer, make sure to create a nicely arched strip of hair that spans from one corner of the mouth to the other.

  • 4

    Finally, you’ll want shape the Soul Patch. Trim a square shape of hair that starts right below your lower lip.

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