Long Sports

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Sports Haircut

You don’t have to wear a helmet, swing a bat or bounce a ball for a living to appreciate this style. While longer than most styles, it’s still short enough to be manageable and easy to upkeep.

Make it yours. 

  • 1

    You will need the number 3, 4 and 8 guide combs of your Lithium Ion Clipper. Start with the number 3 for the lower sections of hair—mainly on the back and sides of the head.

  • 2

    Use the number 4 to cut and blend hair higher on the head.

  • 3

    To cut the top of the head, use the number 8, which will leave one inch of length.

  • 4

    Comb the bangs into their natural fall and use the inverted-clipper technique to trim to desired length.

  • 5

    Add styling product to add a personal touch, if desired.

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