Kids Crew Cut

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Simple. Stylish. Classic. That’s what makes the Crew Cut great for guys of all ages. Best of all, giving a Kids Crew Cut to your son couldn’t be easier!

Make it yours. 

  • 1

    With the number 2 guide comb of your Wahl clipper, start at the back of the neck and begin to cut upward toward the top of the head. Leave the top of the head long and continue to cut around the sides and back of the head.

  • 2

    Switch to a number 5 guide comb and then, from front to back, run the clipper smoothly across the top of the head.

  • 3

    Cut the top of the head from front to back. Continue to cut in the same manner until all the hair on the top of the head is the same length.

  • 4

    When it comes to the whorl area, always cut in the opposite direction the hair naturally grows. This keeps hair from cowlicking or standing up and hides swirling lines created by the whorl.

  • 5

    Trim the neck and around the ears using your Wahl trimmer or with the inverted clipper technique.

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