Crusader Beard

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Crusader Beard Crusader The Crusader The Crusader Facial Hair

If you’re on a mission to look good, the Crusader beard is for you. This kind of facial hair provides a protective shield of hair for your face. With fuller coverage along the jawline and cheeks, the Crusader style would fall in between the Tight Beard and Full Beard styles.

Make it yours. 

  • 1

    Don't shave for at least two weeks.

  • 2

    Once hair has reached a significant length, use your Wahl trimmer or shaver to create a hairline that expands out at the end of the sideburns. The lines should run just under the cheekbone and connect with hair growing down from the corners of your mouth.

  • 3

    Make sure to shave the neck and create a defined line underneath the chin.

  • 4

    Hair around the chin and mouth can be kept at a slightly longer length.

  • 5

    Also, make sure the Soul Patch is nice and squared, and connects with hair at the chin.

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