Clean ups


Clean Ups

The key to great facial hair: know the basics. These tips should be a foundation for how you prep, trim and manage your preferred style. Learn them. Apply them. Look your best.

Clean Ups

  • 1

    Scissors are not the right tool for sensitive facial areas like the ear, nose and eyes

  • 2

    Use Wahl’s Ear, Nose and Brow Trimmer as it has the flexibility to trim each area safely and efficiently

  • 3

    There are two types of cutting systems to use for these areas—rotary and reciprocating

  • 4

    For the nose, use short upward strokes into each nostril and always make sure to start at the inside edge where hair growth is thicker

  • 5

    For the ears, start below the ear canal where hair is most prevalent and don’t forget the outside edges where strays tend to grow

  • 6

    Using a reciprocating trimmer for the eyebrows makes the job easier, but you can use a rotary head—just make sure to use light strokes over long stray hairs

  • 7

    Make trimming your ears, nose and eyebrows a part of your everyday routine and it can make a big difference in your appearance

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