Around the mouth


Around the Mouth

The key to great facial hair: know the basics. These tips should be a foundation for how you prep, trim and manage your preferred style. Learn them. Apply them. Look your best.

Around the Mouth

  • 1

    Experiment with shapes that look best with your facial features and also work with the time you want to spend maintaining said style

  • 2

    Thickness can be managed with a snap on length guide comb or an adjustable length guide comb

  • 3

    Longer around the mouth styles should always be trimmed in the direction of hair growth

  • 4

    Shorter around the mouth styles can be trimmed with or against hair growth

  • 5

    Make sure to use the detail blade, available with many Wahl trimmers, to get into tight spaces and create tighter lines

  • 6

    Always clean up loose or long hair around the lips

  • 7

    Some goatee-esque styles require attention every couple of days while others only need re-shaping a few times a month

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