Above the Lip


Above the Lip

The key to great facial hair: know the basics. These tips should be a foundation for how you prep, trim and manage your preferred style. Learn them. Apply them. Look your best.

Above the Lip

  • 1

    Always comb hair straight down before you trim

  • 2

    Use a compact precision ground trimmer—like the Wahl Mustache Trimmer—for great lines and hard-to-reach areas like under the nose

  • 3

    Experiment with different styles to see what shape suits your face or personality best

  • 4

    When trimming with a guide comb, work from inside out and cut in a downward motion

  • 5

    Applying too much pressure with your trimmer may remove more hair than desired

  • 6

    Use the taper guide comb post trim to refine or tighten up any whiskers above the lip

  • 7

    Remember, style dictates the amount of time you need before trims

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