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New Guide Helps Guys Deal with Hair Loss in Style

Infographic on hair loss on whether to cut or comb
To help the 47% of guys who experience hair loss, Wahl developed an interactive guide to determine whether these guys should continue to comb their hair or pick up a clipper. Check out the infographic to find out which style is right for you, and how to make hair loss actually look good.

Meet the New Wahl Man of the Year

Wahl Man of the Year, Pittsburgh's Conor Barrett
Twelve facial haired finalists competed for the honor of becoming the next Wahl Man of the Year. It was Pittsburgh's Conor Barrett who ultimately became the facial hair champ.

Best Beards in Basketball

Infographic on the best beards in basketball
In a new study from Wahl performed by STATS, eight in 10 basketball players sported facial hair last season and that number is expected to grow this year.

College students to ‘get buzzed’ for a good cause

Wahl Clippers and Kappa Sigma Get Buzzed Logo for St. Baldrick's foundation
We are urging the Kappa Sigma Fraternity and college students nationwide to “Get Buzzed for Good” by picking up a clipper and to support the St. Baldrick’s Foundation and their fight against childhood cancers.

Beard & Beer Pairings for Real Guys

Beard and beer pairings for real guys
Creating the perfect beer is more than just science. It’s an art. The same kind of art that goes into crafting a signature mustache or beard. See which facial hair and beer pairing complements your style.

Winning The Series with Facial Hair

Baseball's best beards infographic
According to a new light-hearted study from Wahl by STATS the more facial hair a team has the better their odds of hoisting the trophy at season’s end.

Facial hair linked to fantasy football success

To help this year’s would-be fantasy football champions, Wahl teamed up with STATS to determine whether players with facial hair perform better than their clean-shaven counterparts.

Research identifies hairstyles that get you hired, and paid

Wahl Hairstyles for Success
While it is widely known that appearance is important in the workplace, a new study from Wahl suggests the secret to success is more than just a new suit.

New study shows why dads should teach their sons to groom

Wahl Faces of Father's Day
In honor of Father's Day, Wahl conducted research on one of the first stops on the journey to manhood—grooming. To celebrate this significant rite of passge and help keep the grooming tradition alive, Wahl is giving away the latest in grooming tools in a Facebook Contest.

Making work a better place, one mustache at a time

Wahl Workplace Mustache Study Survey
Concerned about widespread claims of facial hair discrimination in the workplace, the American Mustache Institute (AMI) and Wahl launched the Workplace Mustache Study, a definitive examination of the state of facial hair in the U.S. work environment.
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