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City of Beardly Love: Philly Named Most Facial Hair Friendly

The results are in, and the ‘City of Brotherly Love’ is now the ‘City of Beardly Love,’ this according to Wahl’s fifth annual ‘Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities in America’ research study.

Detroit Man Named New Wahl Man of the Year

Detroit's Jason Heien triumphs in Wahl's Man of the Year Contest.

Words of Whiskered Wisdom from the Reigning Wahl Man of the Year

Voting for the next Wahl Man of the Year has started, but before we crown the next victor we took a moment to talk with Jeremy Davis from Chicago, the current Wahl Man of the Year.

Cast Your Vote for the Best Beard in America

The Wahl Man of the Year contestants.
The 11 winners from the top cities on the Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities Tour will go face to face in order to be crowned the next Wahl Man of the Year.

Top 10 Cities Most Welcoming of Whiskers

If you’re a guy with scruff, you may be interested to know some cities are more welcoming of your whiskers than others. The annual list of ‘Most Facial Hair Friendly Cities in America’ from men’s grooming leader Wahl is here, and this year a southern city is the hottest haven for the hairy.

Best Cities for Guys with Facial Hair: Dallas Tops the List

Dallas Mavericks basketball fan holding the Wahl Lithium Ion + Clipper
Social chatter among Dallas sports fans helped the city rebound to the No. 1 Most Facial Hair Friendly City in America. To celebrate, Wahl is sponsoring the city’s most devoted fans — The Mavs ManiAACs.

How-To Get the Fade Haircut

Men's Health Fashion Editor Dan Michel wearing the fade haircut
The Fade haircut is a popular hairstyle that looks just as cool in the boardroom as it does on the street. It is a dynamic hairstyle that you can achieve yourself with a Wahl hair clipper and haircutting tips from Men's Health Fashion Editor Dan Michel.

9 Life Skills You Should Know How to Do but Probably Don’t

Man cutting his own hair
Do you know how to fix a leaky faucet or fillet a fish? Chances are you don’t, but that’s okay because help is on the way. As a brand that’s been helping guys for almost a century, we thought it would be fun to identify some life skills long considered essential for guys and see if men today still know how to do these things.
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