Power of Facial Hair

Does facial hair give guys confidence, or do confident guys grow facial hair? Either way, it seems to be working for the majority of professional athletes. From baseball to basketball to football, players with scruff are outperforming their baby-face brethren.

How do we know? Wahl teamed up with STATS, the world’s top sports analytics company, to determine whether players with facial hair perform better than their clean-shaven counterparts. The verdict: Facial hair wins—and by more than a whisker. 

Check out the numbers below and see for yourself how the Power of Facial Hair impacts performance on the field and on the court, then if you’re not already sporting some scruff, you might want to consider adding some facial hair of your own.

  • A Hair Better in Baseball– Over the past decade, World Series winning teams averaged more facial hair than those who lost 
  • MVP = Most Valuable Beard - In each of the past eight seasons, pro basketball’s MVP has rocked facial hair.
  • Facial-haired QBs Deliver - 86% of scruffy signal callers averaged at least 20 fantasy points per game in 2013 compared to only 56% of clean-shaven QBs





Infographics on the power of facial hair in basketball, baseball and football
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