Soul Patch

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Soul Patch Soul Patch Trimmer How to trim a soul patch

The Soul Patch came to prominence with jazz musicians in the 1950s. Trumpeters in particular went for the small patch of hair just below the lower lip and above the chin because of the comfort it provided when using a mouthpiece. Even if you’re not the type to blow your own horn, the Soul Patch might really enhance your look. Be it a first step into the world of facial hair or an attempt to define self-coolness, the Soul Patch is as popular as ever these days.

Make it yours. 

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    Using your Wahl trimmer, closely trim all hair from your upper lip, cheeks, neck and chin, leaving only the hair immediately beneath your lower lip.

  • 2

    Using your trimmer, shape the whiskers beneath your lower lip. You can shape it into a triangular patch, with angles reaching a point in the center of the chin, create a solid square or a softer circular tuft.

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