Landing Strip

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Landing Strip Facial Landing Strip how to get a landing strip

In terms of your approach, the Landing Strip is a simple look to master. Similar to the Soul Patch, only with a little more soul and hair, this style connects your bottom lip with your chin. When it comes to your facial hair, you’re the pilot. So do it. Land this look.

Make it yours. 

  • 1

    Shave the cheeks, mustache and neck clean.

  • 2

    With your Wahl trimmer, you’ll want to leave a half-inch strip of hair between the lower lip and chin.

  • 3

    As time goes on, continue to use your trimmer around the corners and edges to maintain a rectangular shape.

  • 4

    Ideally, whiskers for the Landing Strip should be a quarter to a half-inch in length. So use your trimmer to achieve said length.

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