Pyramid Mustache

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Historians can’t pinpoint the exact time when the Pyramid debuted, but mankind has been marveling at its artistry for ages. There are many different variations in design but the basic shape is the same. It begins with a wide base at the lip and tapers up to a near point under the nose. When done right, the Pyramid Mustache can make you feel like a king.

Make it yours. 

  • 1

    Shave or closely trim your cheeks, chin, and neck, while leaving the mustache untouched.

  • 2

    Use your Wahl trimmer to cut the mustache whiskers to about a quarter-inch in length.

  • 3

    With the trimmer, create a sloped border that starts below the middle of your nose and extends to the corner of your mouth. If feeling particularly adventurous and skilled, you can create a more curved design.

  • 4

    Repeat the last step on the other side of the mustache. Make sure both sides are even and equally sloped. Each side should be a mirror image of the other.

  • 5

    Trim the lower edge of the mustache to prevent whiskers from crossing the lip line.

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