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Flairstache Mustache Flairstache Flair Stache Sideburns Stache and Sideburns

Yeah, this mustache is flashy. Mostly because it’s always accompanied by flared sideburns. Whether you’re at a side profile or straight on, the Flairstache is an impressive look from any angle. If you’re into throwbacks, this style is one you should seriously consider.

Make it yours. 

  • 1

    Grow your beard for one to two weeks.

  • 2

    As your sideburns become more visible, use your Wahl trimmer to create a lower border at your desired length by trimming a defined, horizontal line at the bottom. This line should be somewhere between your ear lobes and your chin to achieve the flared appearance.

  • 3

    Keep your mustache and Soul Patch and shave your cheeks, chin and neck clean.

  • 4

    Your mustache should extend just beyond the outside of your top lip and reach just under your nose. You’ll also want to shave a small gap at the middle of your lip to separate the right side from the left side.

  • 5

    If you prefer a blocked shape sideburn, trim an angled line from the top of the sideburn to the wider bottom edge. If you would like a swooping curved design, use a trimmer to create a sloping line from your ear to the tip of your sideburn that follows the natural upper border of your beard.

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