Man of the Year

Wahl Searches for Best Facial Hair in Country

2014 Wahl Man of the Year

Every year Wahl’s team of mustacheologists and beardisticians travel the country in search of the best facial hair. Those who 'make the cut' are crowned champion of their city and then face off for the ultimate honor of becoming the next Wahl Man of the Year. You can help determine the winner when online voting starts in November, so check back soon.

Man of the Year contest rules.  

About the Wahl Man of the Year 

Wahl’s annual search for real guys with a real passion for facial hair is part of the Face the Day Tour, featuring a 30-foot mobile barbershop that travels the country to offer free trims and grooming advice. At each tour stop one guy with the best scruff—as in mustache, beard or goatee—is selected. To learn more about this year’s Man of the Year finalists, click on their pictures below.

wahl man of the year grand prize
wahl man of the year finalists
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